from email address is the wrong administrator and ends up in spam

Hi there :slight_smile: thanks in advance for any help.

• Using Subscribe by Email on the sub site:
• support access granted

I appreciate the last version update (3.5.1) with the fix for - From email in a subfolder multisite was set to 'no-reply@'
However it looks like the from address is pulling from the first admin user which in my case is me as the supper admin, rather than my client as the sub site admin. This results in my clients site subscribers getting email from my email address.

Also, they are still ending up in spam :slight_frown:

Any chance you could build in an option to use the user which email are being sent from and/or a custom email address?

Note: I originally asked about this on another post which was already closed, but it really needed a new one so I created this. Michael mentioned there
"Just so you're aware, though, in terms of changing the email used for sending out newsletters, this would be something that we'd want to leverage the "incsub_sbe_from_email" filter for."
Note sure what that means but hope its helpful.