Front end and back end word wrap

Hello All,

I know this is theme related and may not be appropriate for the forum. I am posting in Advanced WordPress support so hopefully it will be ok..

Maybe someone here has had experience with this.

I’m having issues with the word wrapping in the front end and back end editor. They are not wrapping properly in the blog posts.

It is only happening with this theme on this site.. Not plugin related because it still exists with all plugins off. It does however stop when switching themes.

Remember, it does it in the front end and the back end editor.

It does it with all plugins off.

It does not do it in other themes.

It does not do it in other sites with this theme.

The theme is current and up to date.

The only thing that seems to be effected is blog posts.

I did recently move the domain from a temporary location

to an updated location. I updated in the Settings>General only.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advanced.