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Hi guys,
i love the way how members can add or edit classifieds from the theme and doesn't have to go to the dashboard. how about doing the same thing with directory plugin. i think it will be a great feature. it is more simple and easy for the average user. i believe that most people who have a basic knowledge about internet and just want to list their business will get confuse with the dashboard - they want it quick and simple. this will also be a great solution for the website owners that want to prevent member from going to the dashboard and need to use other plugins such as easy blogging or front end forms plugins.

what do you guys think? +1 ?

  • fitoussi
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    Hi David,

    the Quick post widget is a great plug in and does a good job when using it with directory (working on the website am building). However, there are few negatives . 1) user can create a listing but cannot edit or remove it using the plugin. 2) the plugin has a very advanced media up-loader. however , it can be too advance for many people. i like how in the classified it is the easiest to upload an image. just one click. also in the quick post widget there is the option to upload flash files and videos which i don't want to be in my site. there is an option to hide it but it will hide the image up-loader too. 3) last thing is the custom fields that doesn't show up but it is not a big problem as i am using the wordpress custom fields.

    again, i think it is a great feature you did with the classified plugin and i think it will be awesome with directory too :slight_smile:

  • DavidM
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    Definitely understandable and thanks for explaining that. So basically what we're looking at is the same type of front-end posting capabilities that Classifieds has, only for Directory?

    I do recall that being mentioned before, though I don't recall there being a proper request made on it.

    Any +1s on that?

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