Front-End Post Editing/Management options

Hi everyone

I just wanted to pick all your brains to see if anyone has come across, or thought about, front-end post editing/management capabilites for WordPress... more specifically BuddyPress I guess as that is already more of a front-end-centric environment.

To me at least, it makes a lot of sense when the users profile, media management and social engagement is front-end that the blog experience would also be front-end as opposed to a completely seperate and visually different experience (the wp-admin back-end). Would it not be prefferable, in a BuddyPress site, to limit or completely negate the need for any user interaction with the wp-admin back-end leaving that to just the site admins?

The front-end editor plugin by scribu is an interesting start but I don't think it goes far enough and lacks the ability to create or manage new posts or do basic comment moderation.

Really just thinking out loud but would love to hear some thoughts on this... debate? rebuttle? consensus?