Front End Posting

Hi everyone !

Hope you are going well ! I'm here to ask you a question which would interest people !

I'm creating a new Wordpress website right now. To summarize :
1) Visitors can register on the site.
2) Registered users can only access the front-end, not the back-end.
3) Registered users can post custom-post type from the front-end, with images attached and custom fields (created with the excellent "Advanced Custom Fields" plugin).
4) Registered users can edit/delete their posts from the front-end.
5) Registered users can edit their profile from the front-end.

So to achieve 1), 2) and 5), I've installed BuddyPress and change the defaults settings to delete unwanted features.

But my question is : How to allow front-end posting/editing of custom post types (with BuddyPress or not) ? Do you plan to dev that kind of plugin ?

Thank you very much !