front-end support ticket system for non-MU

Hi, I want to suggest offering a plugin that would provide a ticket system for me to use with my clients, on a regular WP site. I see you have one for supporting WPMU sites inside the dashboard, but I didn’t see one that would let my clients come to my site and post a support ticket (sort like I’m doing right now).

If there is one and I missed it, please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll probably seek out something elsewhere, unless you’ll be coming out with one sometime soon.


BTW, I was trying to mistakenly post this under “plugins” (before I saw Feature Suggestions), and there I tried to select “Other / Not Listed” in the “site” blank, and kept getting an error telling me to ‘Please select the associated site or “Other”‘ (which I was doing.) Seems like a bug. Just FYI. Then I realized there is the feature suggestions option so I (*thought I) got around that. Then actually, I just got the same error now when trying to submit this using Feature Suggestions & Feedback. There’s no place to even choose an associated site and I’m still getting the error. Then I switched back over to Plugins to see if I can submit it that way. And still got the error, even after choosing a site and plugin. Now I’m resubmitting this through a freshly-loaded support form. Presumably it’ll get through now. :slight_smile: