Front Page Blog Post Number

The Network theme front page currently displays one post (the latest) from the blogs on the network (in network mode)

Is it possible to display an unlimited amount of posts from ALL the blogs in date order by the latest post?

Therefore, if has written 3 articles today - all 3 would appear on teh front page not just the latest one that the blog had posted

In the current set up - I would like 12 posts displayed on the home page grid - but that means I would need 12 bloggers and I'm only just starting out.

I also thought that the empty spaces (if there are any) would be filled from the main blog's posts but they aren't

Can someone help, please

  • DavidM

    Hi markjames,

    That would require some specific customization of the query used to pull the posts in Network, ultimately a bit outside of what can be provided for by support here. However, we'll gladly point you in the right direction to help you get started.

    If you take a look at the /network/library/functions/custom-functions.php in the Network folder, you'll see on line 529, the function responsible for generating the network post list as follows:
    function multisite_recent_posts($how_many=10, $how_long=0, $homepage_show_thumbnails = "yes", $titleOnly=true, $begin_wrap="\n<li>", $end_wrap="</li>") {

    You could change those default values if you like, for one thing, so that it lists more than 10 items, for instance. You can also see below that how it pulls all the data using sql SELECT statements.

    Hope that helps you get started, please let us know if you have questions on this!


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