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hi, we have a custom designed theme, with hundreds of domains, using multi-site. can you please tell us our options for controlling which posts appear 1. at the top (e.g. the first post, or first few posts), or controlling the first page entirely, but for all sites, each of which will have a different first post. 200 domains = 200 different first posts, or first groups of posts. wasn't sure which are the right plugins or if there are limitations. thanks!

  • alberti
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    with domain #1, we want to make sure that the first 1-3 posts are always the same, and decided by the admin, not done by a plugin. somehow the admin needs a way of saying, "ok, this post is important, it will always be the first post to appear on this domain." this way, whenever people visit domain #1, the tone has been set. then all new posts would follow and flow after that.

    same for each domain, going up into the hundreds. the admin always wants the ability to designate 1-3 posts as "lead posts" for those particular domains. the top 1-3 posts for domain #1 will be different than the top 1-3 posts for domain #2, and so on. each domain would have custom first posts.

    i thought of using either a tagging system, or even your new cms plugin to create a custom front page, but that sounds like a lot of work and i wasnt sure if the admin could essentially have a private, nonaccessible way of tagging certain posts.


  • Mason
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    Hiya alberti,

    Thanks for clarifying. The easiest way to do this would be through a taxonomy and custom query.

    For instance, you set up 2 loops on the front page of your theme. The first one would look for the 3 most recent posts from a specific category (which you could label whatever you want: featured or front page might be good). Then after this, a second loop would run and display latest posts as normal.

    You'd just need to do this in your theme (I'm assuming your using the same custom theme across all sites?) and you'd be set.

    There's some good information and the query in the codex:


  • Mason
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    Hiya alberti,

    I think in this scenario it'd be cool if there was a way to run a query based on user capability, however, I don't know of a way to do this, so you may have to go by author name or id:

    If you give all your admins the same nicename or ID this could be hardcoded into the theme and then work across all 200 sites. So your custom query would contain author variable & category variable. If a non-admin user then tried to put his into this special category it still wouldn't be displayed.

    Hope that makes sense!

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