Frontend editing of a from created in Gravity forms

I have a problem doing the following:

(1) I have designed a form in Gravity forms for a user to fill in on the frontend of my website.

(2) Once he has done so and saved the form, I want him to be able to EDIT the form that he submitted, and/or delete the form, and/or add another submission, at the same date as submission or at any time thereafter.

(3) So he will also need to be a “member” of the site.

(4) Once he as signed in, he should be able to edit, create and delete any forms that he previously submitted – and only his forms, not the forms of others.

Please can you recommend suitable plugins to accomplish this?

I am using woocommerce and the forms that the user submitted will be converted into products.

The website is a business for sale website.

So a business owner would come to the site, and list his business for sale – filling in the Gravity Forms form, supplying details like staff count, turnover, etc etc.

Later he might want to edit the entry – this is where I need help, and also he must only be able to edit his own business for sale, not those of others, obviously.

I have had a look at woocommerce “Memberships” for the membership side.

I have looked at advanced custom fields to add the extra fields.

But I am not sure if these are the best tools for this job.

What would you recommend for the membership management?

What would you recommend for the frontend editing ?

many thanks!!