Frontend theme language switcher

Is there a frontend theme language switcher that just allows the user to switch between languages using mo/po files?

I have wpml but seems like it's a lot more than what I need which is just to translate the theme frontend language.

  • Alexander

    Hi @Frank,

    This really depends on your theme though, and if it's fully translatable. WMPL can do this. It can also translate the content on the pages as well.

    If you already have po and mo files in place, and want a simple switching option you could go with something like this:

    But then you wouldn't have the translatable content as well.

    Best regards,

  • Frank

    Thank you for the quick reply. With regards to WPML, perhaps you could help me decide if it's the right set up in my situation.

    It is a business directory where users can submit their listings. It's for a group of people who are bilingual and use it interchangeably for the most part.

    When the user submits a listing, it may be in either language depending on what that particular user is comfortable with using. Once submitted, I need it to show regardless of the language a user selects when viewing the site. i.e. I don't want there to be any relationship between the language used when posting the listing and the language chosen when viewing the site. I want it to show everything to everyone regardless of language of the listing or user.

    I could not figure out how to do this and from my research it seems like it isn't possible or meant to do that. I don't know, maybe it's for full blown translated site in both languages? In my scenario, it's ok for the languages to be mix when viewing the site and would necessarily have to be so for it all to be viewable for everyone.

    So, say if a user submits a listing, I would need it to somehow have it duplicate it for the other language automatically from what I could figure out.

    WPML seems like a very powerful software with a fairly steep learning curve, so I'm hoping you are more versed in it to let me know if it's possible to do what I need it to do. I paid for their cms so would love to use it as well as, as you mention, the option to translate content.

    Sorry for the long post!

  • Frank

    I have just tried Simple Language Switcher and it doesn't seem to allow switching between the language files while keeping everything else the same.

    I do not need duplicate content in both languages. Just the ability to switch between the language files on the front end as is currently possible from the backend admin.

    Seems like such a simple thing but can't seem to find the ability to do it.

  • Alexander

    Hi @Frank, I'm sorry about the delay here.

    From what you're trying to accomplish, I'd definitely recommend WPML - You really need something that will translate content as well.

    po and mo files only translate strings in the code, not user saved content.

    The challenge here will be that most front end forms don't support multiple languages - so you may need to allow them to edit in the dashboard.

    Also, there really isn't a way to automatically translate content. Users will need to add the content in both languages, or when view in another language the particular page will still show the original.

    Best regards,

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