Domain Mapping not working for subsites

FTP files setup by someone helping.

Using godaddy. Using nameserver and not ip for godaddy feilds

Domain Mapping says to use ip so not sure if that is the problem or if that matters?

Not sure set up in properly in 1st place. can someone login and check? you guys have my login info. thanks

  • aristath

    I thought domain mapping takes care of all the details with the plugin to get the domains to point the the sub sites on the network?

    Well, it depends on your host's configuration.
    If you use nameservers then you'll have to add the domain on your cpanel.

    If however you use a dedicated IP and A records as described in the plugin's "Usage" page on then yes, the plugin should take care of that. :slight_smile:

    I hope that clarifies it!


  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    Hope you are well today.

    I'm responding after reading your email about this thread being 4 days old without a response?

    I was really disheartened to hear your feedback on the experience so I just wanted to check in and see what was happening and if we could help further.

    You posted on the 29th, it's 31st today (not yet 48 hours from post being opened). Our first response was 3 minutes after your first post. The second one was admittedly a little slower and was the next day. My apologies for that.

    The issue is very common when the instructions are not followed, it's not a plugin fault. If you follow the usage instructions you'll have no issues at all here.

    If you are mapping via A Record you need a dedicated IP address where the DocumentRoot is that of your WordPress install.

    Your site:

    Your IP:

    Note the IP loads a standard cPanel page. This is the issue, nothing we can fix, you need to either have your host fix this or hire a system admin.

    We can't fix this for you, you need your host or a system admin to set up your IP address correctly as per the usage instructions.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Take care.

  • PCactive

    Timonthy as you see in the title. I said not working. It supposedly already configured but no working.

    This actually has been going on fo 4 days initial was in live support and the person there told me to post here and someone will look into it right away. instead we are have a "Chat" over days and sometimes weeks periods via your thread system. If you look at my last call to help it too months to get someone to login and fix.

    The chat guy. told me to post here, the chat guy told me that you guys would login right away and fix.

    I provided my login info via email. again.

    Please please please provide support for this plugin. I have jumped through all ur hopes already.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    As I told you it's your IP address, it's mentioned in our usage instructions too. It's not a fault in the plugin, it's not something we can fix in the code, it's something you need to do as per the usage instructions.

    You need to correct it's DocumentRoot in order to have domains mapped to your website via an A Record.

    Only your host or system admin can do this, it requires a change to the Virtual Host file.


  • aristath

    You guys wasting soo much of my time and you guys are getting paid to help me.

    I'm sorry you feel that way, but we did our best to help you.
    We wrote extensive, specific and pretty understandable usage instructions, and then on numerous threads explained that you will simply have to follow the instructions from

    They are very specific and leave no room for error:
    * For domains you create A records
    * For sub-domains you create CNAME records.

    We never mentioned anything about nameservers.
    The only time were the words "name server" are mentioned in the plugin's usage is this:

    If you point your name servers to your host then it can be managed by your host or your cPanel.

    Which once again, clearly states that if you choose to use nameservers to point your domain to your server, then you will have to manage the domain from cPanel.

    Now this is exactly what I told you on my previous reply on

    English is not my 1st language so in case my instructions were not clear, I sincerely apologize.


  • PCactive

    Wow looks like members most be leaving by the droves!!

    Big drop in speedy and helpful support

    Very few live chat support options

    Huge raise in prices

    Took away all incentive to stick around by making the crap point system impossible to get free membership.

    Took away all incentive to even consider telling other about your now bad support system by removing affiliate program.

    Will be interested how long before help for me is given.

  • amused

    Imagine I left a good job as a maintenance supervisor in the manufacturing industry, to get into web design/development, arguing with operators to help them fix their problems as they argued back. Little will be accomplished if no one focuses on the root cause of the problem, then try to find a solution. Personal, unprofessional attacks ain't gonna get u faster help @PCactive !!!
    Certainly not on a Sunday. :slight_smile:
    She says it now has a dedicated ip guys, hold her hand and guide her to the next step ?
    Keep your support via the Mudev dashboard plugin open PC and try again.
    Say what u like I have been to every possible forum and no one ain't gonna find better support for WP than here.

    Can't we all just get along ? hehe.

    Let's help each other !!!

    Bless !!!

  • PCactive

    Randall you a re about the 2nd non staff person who has ever replied to any of my over 300 post to this support forum .

    This is a paid staff support forum 1st. They are suppose to offer 24/7 support , and at one time they did, until they made huge change in the way the now do business and has become a money grabbing racket. I have been on here for 3 years and I have seen the changes.

    Also, This has been an ongoing issues since Wednesday when the guy at live chat support told me to email my login info and create a thread and the will look into it right away. They still have not logged into my my website.

    Last time they said that it took them 4 months to fix the issues.

    Instead of addressing the problem, the staff have decided to carry on a long winded chat and shut down my acct a day early of my annual membership end date, I, absolutely have no intention of renewing my annual membership!. Took me a day of emailing them to get them open back my acct to finish with the support for this plugin, instead of shutting me out a day early..

    That was yesterday. I have a 3 day window for this issue to be addressed and any other potential support i may need from WPMU before my acct is shut down for good. . As of now, no one has logged in to see what the problem is, as they said the would 4 days ago.

    It looks like now that we are paying 600$ to 1200 a year to drum up support from each other?. I refuse to give you access to my website to say the least.

  • amused

    sorry to hear about your bad experiences,
    i am not here as long as you have but my experience has been great thus far and i totally understand and appreciate how we all can trip off when trying to trouble shoot problems.
    all i am saying is that there is a nice way and a not so nice way to handle situations.
    honestly if i were more versed and i could help, i would.
    treat everyone with the same respect we would like to be treated.
    be the change you want to see.

    i gave this guy 10 of my very few precious points yesterday ;

    he is very helpful,
    see if you can get onto him.
    hope everything works out for you.

    BLESS !!!



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