FTP/SFTP from Snapshot PRO

Just setup Snapshot PRO for one of my sites (in progress of doing all of them) and I have a question. I set the destination directory as described in the snapshot setup and it verified as correct. So I did the first snapshot, which ran successfully, but when the SFTP ran, it connected fine, changed to the directory in the settings and, for some reason, tried to do a mkdir over top of it (failed). Good news is it did the PUT to the root directory so it did get here. So, what do I need to do to make it go where it is supposed to be? FYI – it is a mounted external drive, the destination is a Debian/Linux box, and I doubled checked that it was mounted and had the correct file permissions for the user. Log is below:

2016-08-03 17:36:49: finish: snapshot-1470260133-160803-213533-d7d0262d.zip
2016-08-03 17:40:55: Sending Archive: snapshot-1470260133-160803-213533-d7d0262d.zip 26.32M
2016-08-03 17:40:55: Destination: ftp: Home
2016-08-03 17:41:09: Using sFTP connection
2016-08-03 17:41:09: Connecting to host: *************** Port: 22 Timeout: 90
2016-08-03 17:41:09: Login success.
2016-08-03 17:41:09: Home/Root: /home/****/
2016-08-03 17:41:09: Changing Directory: /mnt/*****/LiquidWeb-WPMUDEV-Snapshots
2016-08-03 17:41:09: sFTP: Failed to MKDIR: /mnt/*****/LiquidWeb-WPMUDEV-Snapshots
2016-08-03 17:41:09: PUT file success: snapshot-1470260133-160803-213533-d7d0262d.zip