Fulfilling my needs

What I am looking for is:

A membership site that has the Social Networking Features of Buddy Press.


– Register

– Create Profile – answer custom profile questions

– Upload Media ( Audio and/or Video )

– Has Unique Profile

– Can create Blog Posts, Only shown on their URL

– Can give access to protected areas

– Can charge for access to these protected areas – (rev split with host site)

– Can charge to download Audio/Video Files – (rev split with host site)

– Show Ads on all pages / Possibly Split Ad Rev with Member at some point

Members have all the features of buddy press as well

– Friends

– Activity

– Search for Members

I bought Membership here because it seems like all the pieces are here, I have just not been able to figure out how to successfully put it all together!

I would appreciate any direction or helping in making this happen!

Preferably I would like step by step instructions on what themes, plugins will make this idea a reality.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya CapitalDigitalArts,

    I think we have everything you need here. Can you tell us how far you are on this and what versions of WordPress/BuddyPress you’re using?

    Theme choice is really whatever suits the tone of your site and personal preference.

    The only bit that I don’t have a solution for is:

    Can charge for access to these protected areas – (rev split with host site)

    I don’t know of any plugin available that provides for that. You could use Pro Sites to charge for blog creation instead and MarketPress for the rev. split on audio/video files. Ads with split could be handled through our ad sharing plugin

    You could offer membership as a plugin available to your sub-sites so members can create their own private sections and charge for access.

    That’s how I’d start. If you have any specific questions just let us know. Thanks!

  • CapitalDigitalArts
    • New Recruit


    Thanks for the information.

    I am using

    wordpress: Version 3.3.1

    buddypress: Version

    I am fairly new to WordPress, not new to PHP, or MYSQL! I have broken my fair share of themes lately and finding out alot about the platform and enjoying the challenge.

    As far as progress,

    I’ve had a site up, installed buddy press and now Im doing a complete fresh install as I was unable to successfully get my current theme to work with Buddypress. My Current theme is one purchased through themeforest, and I will get the layout all figured out this week.

    One thing at a time for me! Whats highest Priority – Vanity always =)

    From Your Explanation I have created this step by step process to get somewhere close to where I want to go! Does this look correct?

    1) WordPress Running smoothly with theme

    2) Buddypress Running smoothly with theme

    3) Install Plugins recommended for theme

    4) Test

    5) Install Pro Sites


    7) Install Market Press

    8) Test

    9) Install ad share

    10) Test


    11) Install Membership plugin for subsites

    12) Test

    Thank you again

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    Hiya CapitalDigitalArts,

    Well, in that case welcome to WordPress :slight_smile:

    As long as you’re also including the fact of activating multisite within WordPress (so users can create sub-sites) I think you’ve got the basics well covered there in terms of functionality.

    The other thing I’d mention there is that Pro Sites configuration options expand as you install other products. So to control the MarketPress integration you must also have MarketPress installed and activated.

    Otherwise, that’s fairly well the process. Keep us updated as you progress. Thanks!

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