full autoblog feeds

I have been playing with the idea of auto blog and playing with feeds on a test blog.

Auto blog just gets whats on the feed, if its an excerpt it will not follow and get the rest of the post.

I know there is a feed expander website that works great but it does not work with autoblog


does anyone know of one that does work?

can this plug in be modded to get the full post? (feature request)

Does anyone know of a list of full post feeds (ufo type feeds)

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    If that site just generates a normal RSS feed it should work fine with Autoblog.

    If it isn’t, check that the feed is valid and perhaps contact the site to ask them about it. That sounds like your most obvious route to achieving full post feeds.

    It’s not something that’ll be built into autoblog, though – the overhead on processing would be too great to handle.


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    I’m rather sure that with the Add-on architecture something like that would be possible, though as Phil’s mentioned, the processing requirement would be great, not to mention it sounds like a rather complex task to develop.

    I’m not aware of any existing way to achieve that myself.


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