Full integration between wordpress and social networks (facebook, mainly)

Hi! I want to allow my visitors to comment on my site using their accounts in the social networks like facebook, twitter, google +, etc. I also want all the comments to be integrated; I guess a full integration among all the networks isn't something possible right now, but I wish at least the comments made on facebook to be integrated with the comments made on my site -the likes on facebook and the ones on my site too, to each post. I know Disqus is supposed to make the comments integration, or at least allow users from different networks to comment, but, when someone tries to make a comment through facebook, the person receives a request from the Disqus app, and even though I know this "app request' isn't a real problem, I don't want it, cause certainly the majority of the visitors don't want to have to activate another app on their accounts just to make a simple comment on a site. I'm also aware of the Add Link to Facebook plugin, but it only makes the integration I talked about if I let the wordpress comments system untouched, and like I said I want to allow my visitors to, at least, use their facebook accounts to comment -like 9gag and many other sites.

So, do you have any plugin for this integration? Or a way to make it works?


  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hey there,

    I have two plugins for you.

    The Comments Plus plugin that lets you let your users comment via multiple streams: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/comments-plus

    And we have the Ultimate Facebook plugin that lets you import Facebook comments: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/ultimate-facebook

    Do try these out, I hope these work for you.

    Comments Plus is used on https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/ if you want to take a quick look.

  • Wheel of Commerce


    1-Comments Plus: the problem is the same I have with Disqus: every visitor would have to activate an app to be able to make comments, and I want to make things as easy as possible. You can see what I want by seeing the comments system used in 9gag, which allows people to comment through their facebook accounts, without having to activate any facebook app. As far as I know there is no plugin that makes this easy integration with the main social networks. Like I said, I know that having to activate an app in order to make comments isn't a real problem, but certainly it would make the majority of my visitors not to comment, specialy considering the fact that my website will be pretty much like a tumblr, just for entertainment, so people who want to comment surely won't want to activate an app to do so, they just want to make a simple comment.
    As you can see on my site (http://www.hotaphrodite.com/) I already have the same comments system present on 9gag, but I wish I could have one to allow visitors to comment not only through facebook, but through the other social networks too -again, without having to activate any app to comment. Another problem with the comments system I'm using is that I wasn't able to make the comments integration I want while using it.
    So, resuming, I want to allow my visitors to comment using the social networks, without having to activate any app for it. If there's no way to do so, I want at least to allow my visitors to comment through facebook (this system I already have). I want to have a full comments integration between comments made on my site and the ones made on the facebook fan page: comments made on the site must also show on the fan page and vice-versa. I also want the facebook likes between site and fan page to be integrated: a like to a post given on the site must also count on the respective post at fan page and vice-versa.

    2-Ultimate Facebook: the comments made on the fan page will also appear on the respective post on the site, but the comments made on the site won't appear on the fan page, right? I want a full integration like I said, but if I can't have it, obviously half integration is better than none.

    Just to be sure: I paid for a 1 month membership. Do I have access to all the plugins during this time without having to pay -I mean, is all included in the membership? And, after the membership ends, if I'm interested only in having the plugins updated, how much will it cost?

    Thanks again!

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