Full manual backup gives error and does not end

Good afternoon.I use this plugin in a store with WP + Woo and two weeks here can no longer finish the full manual backup. When he arrives at the media gives error and stops executing. The error is this:

ERROR: PcLZIP file: media / 2014/02 add failed -10: gzip temporary file'/var/www/multcaps.com.br/htdocs/wp-content/uploads/snapshots/_backup/1435774032/pclzip-55f7062f9def2.gz' Has filesize invalid - shouldnt be minimum 18 bytes [code -10]

Can you help me?

The store is multcaps.com.br and I can give them media access but use google authenticator and it probably will block its entry. I am available to solve the problem, because I have a hurry.

thank you!