Full Width Audio Help! Please :)

I tried asking this question on the support forum for the developer’s plugin but all he says cant be done by default SMH. So hoping someone here can help if at at all possible. I swear I get this plugin and expect support but get none pretty much and this biggest community of WP plugins and so on on help. Question is below.

Website: http://matchup.durtywhyte.com/

Plugin: Fullwidth Audio Player Plugin

Theme: Ultimatum

Version: Both Plugins up to date, buddypress up to date, wordpress up to date.

Question: I am wondering how can I make it when you click the x to minimize it how to push footer with it or click x to open it up. It covers up the footer so on the Ultimatum Theme I had to make the Footer’s Wrapper CSS Height / Margin / Padding’s section the Bottom Margin 70px so it wont cover the footer up but when I do this I got 70px of space at the bottom when you minimize the player.