fully working event manager like eventbrite

Hi, i just wanna ask a few simple question
1. How to make a full working function event manager website like eventbrite using all wpmudev plugin (is it have to be all of it or not)

2. What theme do fully function with all the plugin required (if it have to be WP default or wpmudev theme to be functional). No bugs i hope..

3. Demo or live demo or tutorial to what do i have to do, to make it fully working?

Sorry for this question, but i really need to see the big picture... before i decide to upgrade my membership

If three question that i ask is to much, please show me a demo site i can login to, that have a full working function for event manager site like eventbrite using wpmudev plugins, so that i know what plugins do i need to buy, what theme that is compatible with all the plugins required or maybe just one default WP theme that work fantastic with integrating all the plugin required, thank you so much

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    1. I've never used eventbrite, what features are you looking for?

    2. Our plugins should work well with any WordPress theme which follows WordPress standards. Occasionally when they do something custom this can cause issues.

    3. We don't have a demo of our Events plugin but it's a custom Post Type so it has all the familiarity of making posts and pages within WordPress.


    Looking at the EventBrite site I can tell you we don't support QRCodes, viewing on mobile devices will largely be down to how response your theme is, we do have a Map integration:


    If you can detail exactly what you want then I can tell you if our plugin can do it or not by default.


  • andy_aditya
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Dear Timothy Bowers,

    Before i answer your question please look at event+ title tag and please... please and again please do understand it.

    Pin point "Like Facebook or EventBrite, but far more powerful."

    1. A : Please do use eventbrite (it is free for most of it) so that u can understand my question better... thank you

    2. A : https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/event-featured-image#post-374236
    and is not...

    3. A : So please make one, so that many Q out there will be resolved quickly if event+ (that i already bought) have a default theme (one) that will work 100% using all the feature that it is currently have... with no issue or what so ever (the video tutorial only covers not even half of what event+ have)

    customizing a theme design is easy, for plugin is not... so if there is one theme that is currently working 100% with event+ and all its feature it would be great, as i can destroy that theme to look like what i wanted to be even having that theme to be responsive...

    okay now for last :
    i wanted to make event+ go as far as Eventbrite.com can be, it doesn't have to have a QRCode that is to much...


    that is the basic that i have in mind and i know that event+ have this, but there is no tutorial that covers all up and i have to dig up all the Q in this Q&A that doesn't have a sticky post (or is there?? please do point it)

    my suggestion is :

    *Create a fully working detail manual event+ with all its feature (it doesn't have to be a video - please my internet is not that good) with one theme as default

    *Create an extended version of event+ tutorial :
    - ex. if i wanted to add facebook login for user to login to my web before adding their event, what plugin should i use and point that to that plugin manual
    - if i wanted the user to pay for adding feature image in front page what plugin should i used
    - etc etc

    my point is i wanted to Max out the event+ function and make an event manager website using wpmudev.org plugin, but not having to use other than that... i'm not willing to buy out side service if wpmudev.org already have one, why should i?

    as wpmudev having a multi plugin, adding one full tutorial for creating event manager using all of that plugin is one of a great way to make it simple for most of the buyers out there... because its a general thing to do, if there where an issue that the plugin doesn't work, at very least it work on one global default general settings on one theme...

    for buddy press on event+ well for me that is to much for my company right, but it was a great function and i will use it on my own next private project and its coming next month :slight_smile: , as for now the function that eventbrite offer and the url will do...

    I'm very sorry for taking this a long answer, as it is my intention for a short question
    And truly thank full for the attention that you giving me,
    If any that my writing is harsh i apologize
    i hope that wpmudev.org will live long and prosperous :smiley:

    best regard,


  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Before i answer your question please look at event+ title tag and please... please and again please do understand it.

    You didn't post in the Events+ forum so there is not title tag?

    In fact you don't even mention Events+ in your opening post so you could in actuality be referring to another Events plugin/theme.

    1. No, If went out and tested every random third party service it would take hours per support thread, it's not practical to do this.

    2. Or.... Your overriding the template from the Events Admin?

    Admin --> Events --> Settings

    "Override Default Appearance"

    Naturally if you override the default appearance then you will.... Override it.

    I tested by not overriding and it works as expected.

    3. We have well over 300 products, it isn't as easy as clicking your fingers and it will done.

    Even once they're set up it then takes ongoing maintenance and thus time.

    We do plan to provide demos for our larger plugins and already do for MarketPress and a couple of others. Events is on the list but right now it's not available, sorry.

    Still the issue with images seems to be because you might have selected to override the default.

    To go through that link:

    EVENTS - Yup


    REGISTRATIONS - Handled by WP, there are also social logins

    PAYMENT GATEWAYS - Paypal is supported, others to follow

    SPEAKER MANAGEMENT - There is no Speaker Management stuff.

    VENUE MANAGEMENT - We don't really have any management stuff for venus, you put in the post code, address, etc and it displays the information. If you use our Google Maps plugin then people can plan their journeys and see where it is:


    FORM MANAGEMENT - No custom forms
    SPONSORS - Could be handled with something like OIO:


    COUPON MANAGEMENT - We don't have any coupon features yet.

    PRICE MANAGEMENT - No early-bird or student discount stuff yet.

    MULTIPLE DAY EVENTS - There are options for multiple day events

    Hope this helps.

  • andy_aditya
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    well, still need the solution for "fully working event manager like eventbrite"

    when you mention event+ with a given url, your giving me a rather small hint, that the plugin could answer it and with that in mind, i response to what event+ have because i try that plugin.

    i'm not failing to mention event+ in this post but rather continue to your solution is using event+ and then still the Q is how do i achieve to make a "fully working event manager like eventbrite" using the plugin that you prefer that have a title tag "Create and manage events on your WordPress, BuddyPress or Multisite setup. Like Facebook or EventBrite, but far more powerful." do i need just event+ or do i need to mix and match with other wpmudev plugin or what are the best solution?

    uhm i'm not suggesting to try random third party, but it is stated in the title tag "Like Facebook and EventBrite" how can that be random?

    err... Overidding when there is annotation *template will not work in all theme
    the obvious Q maybe which one does? that u made statement "with any WordPress theme which follows WordPress standards." is twenty twelve does not met WP standards? *Okay lets leave this as i already ask in event+ forum*

    okay so to make it simple,have anyone have the solution for "fully working event manager like eventbrite" and how to achieve that using wpmudev plugins or themes... please if any have succeeded, it will be a great start for me

    thank you so much and Timothy Bowers thank you for being patient and tolerant with me :smiley:


  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    uhm i'm not suggesting to try random third party, but it is stated in the title tag "Like Facebook and EventBrite" how can that be random?

    Well the items I quoted from EventBrite's site in block capitals, those are all I saw without spending a lot of time registering (free) and testing everything out. Those which I mentioned are not part of Events+ are also not capable right now without some custom coding on your part.

    It could be something with member demand that we do, however there are no etas for this, sorry.

    We don't have plugins which can supplement the Events+ plugin to get the extra features, sorry.

    err... Overidding when there is annotation *template will not work in all theme
    the obvious Q maybe which one does? that u made statement "with any WordPress theme which follows WordPress standards." is twenty twelve does not met WP standards? *Okay lets leave this as i already ask in event+ forum*

    The template overriding feature doesn't include the featured image.

    The default theme does. Don't choose to override the theme if you wish to use the theme feature.

    Take care.

  • ken_lyle
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    It looks to me like the OP could do just a little research, instead of asking such a generic question.

    Then again, when there is a dominant web service in a niche, as Eventbrite seems to be, it should be simple to ask the WPMUDev Product Manager for a feature comparison. It also makes sense to put such a comparison on the page for the product, so that buyers can see..."it's 80% of Eventbrite, but you can own the source code"...which is a fine proposition for some people.

    This also ties back to WPMUDev not having a proper roadmap system or feature request tracking, where one might see "it will be 90% of Eventbrite by mid-year", etc.

  • PC
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hey there Ken,

    Thanks for posting back.

    We are working on a new feature request system where our members can vote and we can keep a better track. Currently the tracking is done manually but we do use Project management tools and monitor each and every feature request but they can only be implemented as we get more votes.

    Our developers are working round the clock to add more features in our plugins and a lot of them have been added if you compare from an year ago.

    We do not have a comparison chart but a few features here and there would always be. However If you have certain features in mind that you need included in the plugin, please feel free to post them on a new thread here : https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/#question and we will be more than happy to have a discussion and then take that up to our lead developer :slight_smile:

    Thanks for being an awesome WPMU DEV member and have a great weekend.

    Cheers, PC

  • ken_lyle
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks, PC.

    I've really mostly given up, really, on asking for features.

    Your answer is fine, and it's what I hear a lot from WPMUDev, but change seems to be glacial, for such a technical organization.

    Yeah, it's great that you guys are working continuously- that's really the main feature- lots of plugins, and a continuous drift toward improvement. And the video series in YouTube playlists make it easy to turn over to clientss who DIY.

    But,it would be great if you would take those two suggestions as personal or organizational challenges. It's almost nonsensical, really, that you haven't.

    1) When 90% (?) of the people looking at Events+ are comparing to Eventbrite, why not put a feature chart comparing the two? Again, does the body of your organization have a brain? If there's a Product Manager, he/she should almost certainly know how your product stacks up. Even a summary would be useful.

    2) I'll look forward to the Feature Request system. Again, aren't there good examples for that? GetSatisfaction comes to mind....Your members get a certain number of votes, proportional to their membership level, and can allocate them to ideas as they see fit. It seems like the Reviews code in your Directory plugin might be helpful...with the addition of tracking how many "stars" the member has allocated.

    I do think that if the FR system were implemented and publicly tied to a roadmap, and the forum search worked better (which would become less important), that those would be big steps forward for WPMUDev.

  • PC
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks a lot for the awesome feedback Ken.

    I have forwarded the comparison chart idea to our Sales copy writer so that they can do a comparison and include data about that. May be an infographic. They will surely consider it.

    As far as the FR system is concerned its on our roadmap and we are looking to do that on our forums itself where voting buttons would be added and as per the projects the most voted features will appear on top and making it easier for our developers to track what is in demand and hence develop it.

    Recently our developers finished working on an all new responder system to improve our response times and we have made a great progress on that front and continuously getting better.

    As soon as our developers are finished working on a major theme project which is being tested internally, a lot of pending features will come on the development table :slight_smile:

    Thanks again for being awesome and taking time to help us improve.

    Cheers, PC

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