Function request in post ads

Hi Guys I’d like more control over what ads will be dispayed in what posts. It would be ideal if there was an extra option in the post (instead of just yes/no to show ads) to select by category, better even if one could select which ads to show post by post.

If there’s someway to do this myself, maybe with some lines of code, I’d love to know.



  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    There aren’t currently any ways of doing what you are describing aside from assigning to a specific category.

    You can assign posts to a specific category at the bottom of the In Post Ads > Settings page.

    You can also disable ads on specific posts when editing each post. You can do this in the sidebar.

    I’ll move this over to the feature request area for the developers to consider adding the other features in a new version.

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