Functionality requirements – % of fee and appointment notification

Thanks a lot for building such an amazing plugin. I need the following functionality. Based on the discussion I have seen in forums, I am sure this can be set up. Kindly advise the steps on how to set it up:

1. Take 10 % of service fee listed from guests, 5% from Elite members and 0% from premium members for appointment to confirm an appointment on GCAL.

2. Provide extra 5% discount for Membership members at Elite level and 10% discount for members who have Premium Membership on service fees. They can print it out and take it to the service provider.

3. The guest and elite users should have choice to pay or not during check out: If they pay the booking fee of 10% or 5% respectively the caledar gets confirmed for the service provider. If they do not pay, service provider only gets a notification email of an interest with users email address and they can email they offline.

Best Regards.