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I need to find a way to disable the donation widget under the post with UltimatumThemes. Right now, because of the liquid layout, I have the Fundraiser Panel already on the sidebar but the fundraiser panel still shows up on the bottom of the post.

Is there anyway to disable this so it only shows up on the sidebar side?


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    I'm just curious if anyone can assist me in finding a way to disable the "Fundraiser Panel" in the bottom of the post that automatically shows up if you don't have the Panel Sidebar Widget activated? I use UltimatumTheme which (in essence) makes the entire layout a Widgetized area and, for some reason, the plugin is not recognizing the fact that I have the fundraiser panel on the "sidebar".


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    Thanks for posting back.

    I tried to do that via CSS using the code below

    .wdf-basic.wdf_fundraiser_panel {display : none !important}

    but that actually removes it from the sidebar as well.

    I have called in our CSS champ @Patrick to seek his expert advice on this issue and he should make his way here sooner than later.

    Thanks for standing by !

    Cheers, PC

  • Patrick
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    @JustinTime @Pranaya Chaudhary

    Thanks for an easy puzzle on a lazy Sunday afternoon :slight_smile:

    You just need to increase the specificity of your selector so it targets that particular div class only when it's present in the parent content div container.

    #content .wdf-basic.wdf_fundraiser_panel {

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • JustinTime
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    Just an update, I did try and plug in that CSS into my custom CSS script for the post and it worked flawlessly. Thank you very much Patrick and Pranaya!

    WPMUDEV is, by far, the best suite of tools I use on all of my sites.
    I'm marking this as resolved, as you've fixed my issue and helped me along!

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