Fundraiser Feature Tweaks Needed


We have an implemenation of the fundraiser plugin on a charitable foundation website running 12 different fundraisers.

A few feature additions are really needed to make this plugin reach its full potential. Unless I am missing something the following are impossible to do.

1) a means for an admin to attach a note to a pledge. For example, if a user makes a donation through PayPal to the wrong fundraiser or a payment fails to post properly after processing, etc., then a notation to that effect needs to be attached to the pledge for reference. Currently, we are using the email address field as a note field for these cases.

2) The search feature in the Admin area will not retrieve all pledges made for a specific fundraiser no matter how it is searched. For example, if the admin needs to retrieve a list of all pledges made to a particular fundraiser it is impossible to do so. I even installed the plugin Admin Bar Backend Search by Dominik Schilling but it cannot find pledges associated with a particular fundraiser name either.

3) When a working search feature (or filter feature) is implemented so that transactions associated with a particular fundraiser can be grouped or retrieved, then those transactions should be exportable as a csv file for analysis and manipulation in a spreadsheet.

So far these are the only shortcomings that users have reported for our application of this plugin.

I appreciate its simplicity and functionality and would enjoy seeing it become even more capable with these additional features.

If this needs to be moved somewhere else, please do so.


Phil D