Fundraiser Panel Widget is not displaying outside of Upfront


I have Fundraising installed on my simple one-pager site and would like to use the widget to display it rather than changing page. I know I could probably use this in an iFrame, but I find them cumbersome (slow and ugly), so I was delighted to discover the "Fundraiser Panel" widget that meets my needs. Unfortunately, despite looking as it should in Upfront and saving successfully, it does not display whatsoever on the published site. The widget is placed on the page, but it appears not to be accessing it as it should since there is not DOM content rendered and the height of the element is simply 0.

Again, the widget renders correctly in the Upfront editor and I have even styled it to my liking with Custom CSS. I concurrently am experiencing issues with updating the "Posts" element with custom CSS (a separate ticket), though my Posts element is displaying and is just lacking the custom styles. On the other hand, this widget is not displaying at all.

I have granted access so that you can see it as it should look in ?editmode=true and how it does not display outside of Upfront. Thank you for your advice on this matter.