Fundraiser thank you page pledge not found

Dear Sir or madam,
i'm using fundraiser on my page in live modus.
If i'm paying via paypal, everything works fine. The money is transferred to paypal and the fundraiser plugin shows the correct amount of people and money.

But after i payed on paypal, i'm redirected to this page:||840e502b1ce3||0&item_number=840e502b1ce3&sig=CsiED9pLBsZ%2fvjKMxp%2fYEC8MY5pT7TjYdQWZOmBXfoXu4zN1a2V57SUoAK4fiOE5WlIIqeXC5av1TQ05QXAv4v%2fjkcE3T%2b06%2fxBqwuhXPG16KzD7hrReKSnT52Q2iEjnUFu4RvgDziU2OTBoiR4GsOFg%2bkWSdrjbdPxn%2fVtU8TA%3d

which shows the following error:
Oh No, we can't find your Pledge. Sometimes it take a few moments for your Pledge to be logged. You can try refreshing this page

What can i do to show the pledge?

If i'm right, all information about the pledge is given in the url (1 Dollar) but it doesn't show up.

Best regards,
Andreas Geibert