Fundraisers - consistent links and urls not given!


I hope you are ready to start a new Fundraiser session with me :slight_smile:

Our Jobs and Expert board is located here:

All Button links are working. That's fine but! ...

When pressing the Add a Job Button or Add an Expert button in the sidebar you get directed to the correct pages.

But when pressing the search in side bar you get here:

There is no way to change that to another URL

Therefore it is logical to change the URL of the jobs page to
and experts page to
to keep a logical naming consistency for the visitors
This way makes also sense for search engines.

Unfortunately when using that URL than the default template gets shown from the virtual page instead of the page we have been creating.

I guess this is a BUG that the virtual pages can still be called even the checkbox to use real pages is checked. Beside that probably virtual pages have a priority before real pages which does not make sense when using Real Pages. It should just be the opposite, which means

If there is no real Page -> than use the virtual default page.

Could you please check how to get the correct URLs working consistently with real pages