Fundraising 2.0-RC-1 feedback

Hi Cole,

Thanks for the new release!

Here are my quick feedback.

It is great to have the Advance Crowdfunding feature as an option.

Feedback 1

Can we also make the “simple donation” back to the same as the original version 1? To allow setting goal, levels, but do not lock-it as the “Advance”. The reasons are:

1. Sometimes we need to set a goal, and levels/rewards for simple donation to motivate people, but we also want the fund to be released immediately (instead of holding it to the end), and we also may want to change the goals/date and levels from time to time (so do not lock it for simple donation).

2. If anybody doesn’t need that, he just leaves it as the default, which is no goal/levels.

Version 1 doesn’t show # of days left, we would need that if a goal is set for simple donation.

Feedback 2

Now on the donation page, we have a link that directs people to the “pledge” checkout page. Is there special reason for that? I like the way in version 1, where everything is in one page, it is easier to donation. Now I have to go to a second page.

In version 1, I can just enter a number or choose a level and click donate now, I will be taken to the PayPal page. Less clicks = more donations. (see screenshot below)

1 page vs. 2 pages: 100% clicks increased :slight_smile: LOL

Feedback 3

How to show: # of people donated?

Feedback 4

Simple donation has an option to choose Panel Position. Can we add that to Advanced Crowdfunding?

Thank you :slight_smile: