Fundraising Buggy on Phone and Tablet

We just had a potential donor discover another issue with the Fundraising plugin that is preventing them from making any donation on their phone. I just replicated the issue on our iPhone and discovered a related bug on our iPad.

Please confirm behavior at

User reported that the "Support This project" button did nothing after entering a dollar amount. I entered a dollar amount, tapped button and confirmed that the page does not advance. The only thing that tapping the button does, is change the style of the button.

So, donations cannot be made on a mobile phone. Any attempt to do so only results in the button style changing with no redirection to proceed with payment.

I confirmed the same behavior occurs on the iPad. Clicking the button only changes the style of the button. After the new button displays, however, a second tap will advance the page to process payment.

So, on an iPad the user must tap the button twice to proceed with making a donation.

Thank you in advance for investigating this issue ASAP. Does anyone have any CSS hacks I can try or other recommendations for a possible immediate fix?