Fundraising config with application

Ive got a totally vanilla install of fundraising with Pro Sites on multisites. Configuring the PayPal side of things with and getting the application approved is a bit of a nightmare for me. They’re asking for specific use case scenarios and workflow diagrams and a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t exactly know because I am unfamiliar with all the features of the plugin, still.

Anyone complete an application yet to get their app ID with yet? Anyone care to share more technical workflow and process documents and whatnot for a purely vanilla install of Fundraiser in a multisites environment? Without this, I don’t believe it can process payments and thus a lot of other members will benefit from the information when they try to set up an identical environment.

Note that I am trying to make all projects an “all or nothing” type of payment completion. However, in multisites, that detail is also specific to the user so a usecase for all or nothing as well as “as collected” is probably helpful.

Do use cases also need to be prepared for each level? Ie with the Prosites module? Any insight is appreciated by anyone that has gone through this successfully!