Fundraising Configuration and Shortcodes

I am trying to setup Fundraiser to use a page template and I’m having a little trouble with shortcodes.

First I want to setup fundraiser to use a page template instead of the standard layout. I copied my page.php and renamed it wdf_funder.php but I assume there is some code I need to add to this template in order for it to work. Where would I find that code? Also top level for fundraiser seems to use the blog post template when listing all the fundraisers. I’d like to edit that template as well, to remove things like author and comments, can I make a template for that page as well?

Secondly when using the shortcode generator it is not displaying either of the 2 fundraisers I have setup. Under Fundraiser form and Progress Bar where it says Choose a Fundraiser its empty. But the two fundraiser show up on the main page listing and the widget.