Fundraising conflict with Visual Composer plugin

Hello, I am having some problems with the fundraising plugin and Visual Composer by WPBakery playing together nicely. On this donations page, I have a landing-page-esque layout via VC, but when I use a certain kind of content element (in this case, a post grid), the donations panel disappears from the bottom of the page. I have a support ticket in to WPBakery, but they suspect it might be a problem with the Fundraiser plugin and suggested I contact you about it. They said:

Thanks. Just had a look at it. I think this time the problem is more related to the donation plugin because as soon as I activate the post teaser, the file: of donation plugin goes missing. VC has nothing to do with this file. Did the plugin support reply to you on this matter?

I paid the $19 just to resubscribe here just so I can get this problem fixed, so I hope I can get speedy resolution.