Fundraising - Fundraiser Panel Shortcode css

Hello there,

I'm using the following shortcode to display the fundraiser panel for a project

[fundraiser_panel id="1613" style="wdf-fresh" show_title="no" show_content="no"]

I'm trying to hide the progress bar, days left, amount raised and keep only the Choose the amount and the submit button to donate which I'm able to do using the widget/project panel and play with the custom css - display:none for wdf_big_num, wdf_rewards, etc.. the elements are being hidden.

However, using the shortcode, even if I modify the actual wdf-fresh.css file itself, add display:none to wdf_big_num ... I'm still getting the output.


Am I missing something? is there a way to display only the Enter amount and the submit button?

Thanks again! :slight_smile: