Fundraising Header Names

Can I change what the heading (page title) is as it now is coming up as 'archives' for 'fundraising' (the root of the plugin) and when you click on a project name it says "blog"... I would expect since you can set the name of the plugin, that it would then use that name as the heading... thoughts>

  • tommy_thomas

    Although I do agree that it is due to the theme, I would also have to question why the plugins custom posts or pages are not being listed properly to come up as a regular post or page so that the problem wouldn't be there in the first place...

    There are usually if/then statements that determine what the page title will be with an else/if setting it as an archive or something. Seems to me there should be no reason the plugin's custom post shouldn't be considered a regular page or post no matter what theme maker it is... Just a thought. :slight_smile:

  • Brian Purkiss

    The Fundraising plugin uses custom posts, which is different than a regular post or page. Having the Fundraising plugin use regular posts or pages would limit the versatility of the plugin, the theme, and your website as a whole. Which is why we use custom post types rather than regular pages.

    However, if statements can be set up for custom post types, so it's more of a matter of your theme not having the proper if statements for a fully functioning WordPress site. It also looks like the if statement may be set up improperly and/or in the wrong order since the individual fundraising posts have the title "blog."

    Everything that you have described can be done through a proper if/else statement that encompasses all of WordPress' core features.

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