Fundraising PayPal AppID - Services Used by App

Hi, the Fundraising documentation pdf ( links to the following forum post:

... but the attachments to that post appear to be broken and contain information I require - specifically: the "Services Used by App"

The documentation pdf and forum post are both out of date with respect to the current PayPal developer site(s).

Is updated documentation available? (preferably by the plugin author) Which API services does the Fundraising plugin use for the Advanced Crowdfunding functionality that requires an AppID?

Is this information posted somewhere in new documentation in text format? Do I need to analyse the plugin code to answer PayPal's questions or is this infomration present in offical documentation of the plugin somewhere that I have missed?

Thanks for any assistance the wpmudev staff and plugin author can provide.

  • Vaughan

    Hi @lisa,

    That's an interesting question.

    It uses the REST API.

    Here's a screenshot of what my app looks like in paypal developers site.

    It just uses accept payments, not login with paypal.

    However, I will inform the developer, hopefully we can get these docs updated in the plugin.

    You basicly just need to create a sandbox account & then create the app. It uses the express gateway for crowdfunding.

    Hope this helps

  • Maniu

    Hey @Lisa

    This should also help you:

    I want you to understand that API is required only for Advanced Crowdfunding, this means that it will allow for preapproval payments, so users are charged after the fundraising goal is reached. For collecting normal donations on fundraisings(users are charged immediately), you dont need it

    While you are creating app, in project description write that preaproval payments will be collected for your fundraisings so users will be charged after the goal certain goal is reached.

    as "service used by app", select "Preapprovals" and choose "One-time Payments", in description, explain basically the same thing as above.

    "Step-by-step Payment Flows Instructions" is also duplication of description.

    Doing it in "natural way" will help you get app approved. Remaining parts of form are up to you!

    Hope it helps!


    PS. we (@Jack Kitterhing) are working on new docs.. maybe @Vaughan can help him:slight_smile:

  • Lisa


    I believe the plugin code predates the PayPal RESTful API and the plugin explicitly mentions that one does not need an AppID for sandbox testing (from the plugin's payment settings page):

    You must register this application with PayPal using your business account login to get an Application ID that will work with your API credentials. A bit of a hassle, but worth it! Register then submit your application while logged in to the developer portal. Note that you do not need an Application ID for testing in sandbox mode. More Information »
    View an example form »

    (the anchor tag on "View an example form" is missing)

    I have already completed testing of Marketpress and Fundraising in the PayPal sandbox. But I have not done any testing of the fundraising crowdfunding functions yet.

    The existing incomplete and out-of-date documentation does not point to the REST API. Given the existing documentation, I followed through on the paypal classic AppID application, but stopped short of submitting an application, not knowing what the plugin actually requires.

    It is looking like I will need to analyse the plugin code myself.


    That is looking more like the information I require. Thanks.

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