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I am using the fundraising plugin on a site I created to raise money for my daughter’s tuition and expenses at her therapeutic school.

The way I need it to work is for the donation button on my site to go to the school’s paypal account. By having the school turn on their Instant Payment Notification and point it to my site, and putting the school’s Paypal email address in the Fundraiser plugin settings I can get the donations to go to her school. The problem is that I am not seeing the donation showing up in my pledges page. I read the documentation and it says that all pledges must be entered manually. I won’t know who pledges unless the plugin tracks it because the school also has their own website with a donation button for general donations or for other students. I need to know when someone pledges from my site for my daughter. Is there any way to do this? (By the way, I can’t set up my own Paypal and have it be in the school’s name. Important because I want people to get a tax deduction).

  • Cole
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    Hey Angela,

    Pledges should be showing correctly if you have set up your IPN notifications correctly on the School’s paypal account. Can you confirm the School’s IPN url is exactly as it reads in the Fundraising settings page?

  • angela_muonio
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    The information is all entered correctly. All the donations are going to the school’s paypal account; it’s just that I don’t know it until the school bounces back an email to notify me that a donation came through.

    I think that this is because it is the school’s paypal account, not mine.

    I have a suggestion for development; I really hope you all will do it!

    One, some way that the fundraiser program tracks donations and logs them on the pledge page. Then, the administrator can confirm if the donation is confirmed or not via checking the paypal account. (It would be bonus if this information fed back automatically, but I understand there may be limits building that function interacting with paypal)

    Two, an option for people to automatically post well-wishes and such at the time of donation. If you look at example commercial sites, such as, you will see what I mean.

    Well, I’m happy I finally got my site to work. I managed to raise a little money for her, and now I’m going to try to raise more! You should visit the site and “like” the page! Thank you for all your attempts to help!


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