Fundraising Plugin Not Aware of Purchases Made

We are able to get the Fundraising Plugin to process payments through PayPal. However, after the purchases is completed and money changes hands the plugin isn't made aware of the purchase. Kinda defeating the purpose.

We need help.

When the payment worked on PayPal Account A, I had to manually click a button to return to the site and that's when the plugin was notified of the payment. However, I had to click a rather hidden "return to site" button and that simply won't do. When the plugin is going through PayPal Account B (which had redirect setup), it's redirected back to the main site but for some reason the plugin doesn't know that the payment processed. The url that PayPal redirected back to did contain a bunch of extra stuff including a payment ID, payment amount, and a bunch of other gibbrish.

Please help us out? Any idea what's wrong? Need any additional information from us?