fundraising plugin shortcode generator

The shortcode generator as shown in the "getting started page" of fundraiser does not show up on any editing of a fund raiser entry. Is there something not set right to get this to show?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Lee,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your qestion!

    The "fundraiser" pages do not include that button because the shortcodes that are included in Fundraiser plugin should mostly be used on other pages/posts of your site.

    The "Fundraiser" page is the page where you can set all the "parameters" required and shouldn't need any fundraiser shortcodes. These shortcodes could be used e.g. to include "Fundraiser info" or a pledge button etc in other places of your site.

    For example:
    - you created the "ABC" fundraiser and this fundraiser is available on on "" page
    - then you wrote a nice blog post encouraging readers to support that fundraiser
    - you can of course simply put a link to "" page
    - but also you can e.g. diasplay a fundraiser within the content - that's when shortcodes come on stage :slight_smile:

    The button therefore is available in post/page editor.

    I hope that helps!
    Best regards,

  • Lee

    thank you for the explaination.

    I have set up a simple donation with rewards. the widget displays the info but when i turn off the widget by making a full width post nothing shows in the post. Reading the notes in the creation if the fundraiser it indicates that the call to action would show in the post if there is no widget displayed.

    So I thought i needed to add codes to get it to display.

    any ideas?

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Lee,

    hope you're doing good and don't mind chiming in!

    Could you please elaborate a bit more on this with me? What's your goal here?
    If the "Panel Position" option in a fundraiser edit screen, is set to "Above" or "Below", it should be placed inside the fundraiser page content if the "Fundraiser Panel" widget isn't visible at that point.
    If a sidebar containing the "Fundraiser Panel" is visible then the donations will only be visible in this sidebar widget.

    Could you also grant us with support access to your website to have a better look at that?
    You can do so via our "WPMUDEV Dashboard" plugin, detailed instructions can be found here

    Warm regards,

  • Lee

    The panel position is set below and I never see the fundraiser panel. Only see that info if the widget(s) are displayed. But I just tried another test site and I got the info to display with no widgets assigned.

    Do you know if the fundraiser panel widget(s) are active but the theme is set for full page without a widget column would fundraiser still think the widget was being displayed? Not sure if themes all use the same technique to display or not display a widget column.

  • Lee

    I just went back to the site that did not work and deleted all the fundraiser widgets. The fundraiser panel did appear below content while displaying full page width using a 3rd party theme. However this theme manages the item output page must not tell wordpress that the widgets are disabled. Is the theme supposed to disable them for that page ? It looks to me that I could not have a page full width and pages with a widget column and have them both show fundraiser panel info correctly.

    Do you know if that is a bug in the theme ?? If you think so I post something over at the theme web site.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Lee!

    Thank you for letting us know that it works for you now :slight_smile:

    As for the theme. Unfortunately, I don't know what theme you are using on the site so it's a bit difficult to diagnose. My first thought on this is that the "full page" template is made by simply hiding the sidebar with CSS as this would explain the behavior of Fundraiser: if a sidebar was just hidden, the widget would still be there but just invisible and for the plugin to detect absence of a widget, the widget must be "physically unavailable".

    Yet, in order to confirm that or to find a reason if it's different, I would need to check the theme first. If you wish me to check that for you please provide me with a link to theme download if it's a free theme or if it's a premium theme please grant me a support access to your site so I could review it. Here's a guide on granting access:

    Best regards,

  • Lee

    I pretty sure your right they just mess with CSS all the time. I left your comment on their support page to see what they say.

    My first thought on this is that the "full page" template is made by simply hiding the sidebar with CSS as this would explain the behavior of Fundraiser: if a sidebar was just hidden, the widget would still be there but just invisible and for the plugin to detect absence of a widget, the widget must be "physically unavailable".

    If they say go fish do you know of a way like a short code or snippet that could make fundraiser think the widget is "physically unavailable" ? If I had that I might be able to fit it in as a filter when they do a full width output. Here is a pic of their setting just fyi The theme is built by themify.

    thank you.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Lee!

    What I suggested would be a highly probable and logical explanation of what's happening but I'm not fully certain about that because I haven't had a chance to check the theme.

    That's great that you asked theme developers about that but if the picture that you attached is their answer, it's not helpful at all unfortunately. This does show how to set template with sidebar or without it but doesn't answer how that template HTML/CSS looks. I suppose that I may not have access to the theme that you are using so I'd like to review that on your site.

    I see that you granted access to two of your sites so can you tell me please if the site in question is one of these? If so, which one is it and where should i look for fundraisers (as these sites are multisites)? I would access the site, check the source code and hopefully would be able to provide you with more accurate assistance.

    Best regards,

  • Lee

    The picture was not sent by them. It was just a snippet of the whole default post display to show you how they offer the selection. It was not an answer just fyi to you.

    The site that begins with "consolidated" is currently open to support. Once in take a look at the support message.

    The site is being looked at by another of your group for defender emails. And it might be looked at by the theme folks at anytime.

    There is only 2 sites and they both have 1 test fundraiser post.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Lee!

    Thanks for explanation, I thought that the picture was all that they said :slight_smile: I understand that you are still waiting for their replay than, is that correct?

    I checked the site and also tested the theme (including reviewing its files) and I found out that I actually wasn't quite right. The "full width" template supposedly doesn't load the sidebar. That's how it looks from theme files however the widgets behavior suggests that this is not entirely working as expected.

    With a "regular"/simple WP themes if the "get_sidebar()" function is not called so the sidebar is not loaded (thus the widget area is not loaded as well), the panel gets automatically displayed even if a widget is added to the sidebar area.

    In this case though, regardless to which widget area you add the Fundraiser widget, it seems to be "somehow rendered" even though the sidebar doesn't show up. I must say I'm confused. If necessary I'll call our second line support for help on this but it would be helpful if we knew what the theme developers said about this.

    Could we please wait for their replay (unless they won't replay for too long) and see what they say? I think that either they'll be able to solve that riddle or they'll be able to give us a clue on how this theme actually works.

    Best regards,

  • Lee


    The theme developers have responded with the following.

    When you use the fullwidth layout in Peak, do you also disable the sidebar? The theme offers an option for this, see screenshot: When you set the Sidebar option to “No Sidebar”, the get_sidebar() is not called, which is what the plugin is expecting per the developer’s comments. This is evident in the page.php file here:

    if ( $themify->layout != 'sidebar-none' ) : get_sidebar();
    Hope this helps.

    There is a page.php and single.php in this theme with that same code line above.
    the theme is in the themify_peak directory.

    I have settings exactly as needed shown by this image .

    I have written this problem up on their support forum with many entries and details. I get the impression they feel it is not their problem. I think we need to goto second level.

    There are two sites on the multisite beginning with "consolidated" one is .com, two is .net and the .net is set to show failed output. Support has been extended on this multisite.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Lee!

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    It seems that they basically confirmed what I found previously. I was hoping that they give a clue on what else can be interfering but since there's nothing like that I run some more extensive tests and now I feel that I need to apologize.

    It looks like there's some inconsistency in how plugin performs with different theme if the Fundraiser Panel widget is added to any (even not visible) sidebar and set to "Display specific provider: No".

    It turns out that it works like on your site on most themes. Actually, it's a default behavior even though it's a bit "counterintuitive". The fact that I was able to get it to work with some other theme (I randomly chosen it from tens of installed so I'm not even sure which one was that) was, as it turns out, a matter of some kind of conflict/bug. I'll run some more tests on this to find whether this is a plugin or that theme issue and report it to the developer if it's cause by the plugin.

    However, the designed way it works is that if there's no widget added anywhere, the panel will be shown above/below the Fundraiser page content. If there is a widget added however, it should be set to show specific provider instead of "No" and the panel will also show up automatically.

    That being said, please proceed one of these ways in order to make it to work. If there's some specific goal for using the widget set to "no specific provider" anywhere on the site, let me know please and I'll search for an alternative solution.

    I apologize that it took that much of your time. I just "fell into the trap" of that "bug/conflict" that I mentioned above and somehow skipped what I should do from the beginning: to confirm how it was designed to work. I"m really sorry about that.

    Kind regards,

    Therefore, the solution is either to remove the widget entirely or to set it to display a specific provider.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Lee!

    The logic here with the specific fundraiser selected in a widget is simple: that specific fundraiser is displayed "everywhere". With widget set to "non specific" however it's a bit different: it will display the "current" fundraiser if you are viewing "fundraiser" page and will display "nothing" if you are viewing other, non-fundraiser pages.

    This actually does make sense because the "Fundraiser panel" widget is not a "fundraiser list". With "no specific" fundraiser set on a fundraiser page it displays the content (panel) for that current fundraiser so the one from the page (above/below) content is hidden in order to avoid redundancy/duplication. That's fine.

    The problem however is that even if the widget is not displayed at all because there's no sidebar, that "logic still works". I agree that part doesn't make sense and again I'm sorry for misleading you. As I mentioned before I myself got slightly mislead by the result of one of the tests that I conducted on my site.

    That being said, I have already reported this as a bug because the plugin shouldn't be checking whether the widget is added to the sidebar at all or not but only if it's used in a sidebar on a specific page that's being viewed. As a result, if e.g. there are two fundraisers and one is using template with and the second one without sidebar - the first one should display widget but not panel in content and the second one should display the panel in content (because there's no sidebar). I reported the to developers and I hope they'll be able to provide an update that will fix that.

    Kind regards,

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