Fundraising Plugin: Single Template Functions

I am trying to create a single fundraiser template page and need to call the various functions of the different parts of the default fundraiser panel, ie # of Backers, Amount Raised, Days Left, and the Pledge Amount with Button.

So far, I have been able to use the following functions to display the few parts I could decipher from template-functions.php:

// # of Backers
<?php echo wdf_total_backers(); ?>

// Time Left
<?php wdf_time_left(); ?>

// Amount Raised
<?php wdf_amount_raised(); ?>

I tried to use this code to display the Pledge Input and Button, but it only loads the /pledge and changes nothing on the single fundraiser page:

`<?php wdf_pledge_button(); ?>’

Is there a better way to make a custom single template than this or am I needing something for these functions above that I am missing?