Fundraising Plugin with new Sandbox

Paypal sandbox was updated this month and now sandbox accounts no longer work with the Fundraiser and Marketpress plugin. I would like to focus on the Fundraiser plugin first.

I created new API credentials and copied them into the Fundraiser plugin. When I tried to process a payment I am then sent to a sandbox login screen, once I login, again, the payment is not processed. I to login as the buyer and as the master account holder. Paypal, which appears to be in Beta is still not working. Any feedback with this issue would be helpful I need this to work before taking this live. Thanks in advance.

  • aristath

    Hello there @clcowell, I hope you're well today!

    PayPal has been making a lot of changes to the way sandboxes work, and like you mentioned it's still in beta. These changes though have no effect on the live accounts, and once your site goes live you won't be using the sandbox account anymore!
    Once these new changes that PayPal does reach a stable version (i.e. not beta) the sandbox functions on plugins will be also updated. Until then, we can't do daily changes to our code!

    Sandbox accounts simply exist so that you make sure that PayPal works on your account! Once you do, they have no functionality! I would suggest that until PayPal makes up their mind about sandboxes you just conduct 1-2 tests using your live account.

    I created new API credentials and copied them into the Fundraiser plugin.

    Please note that if you're using crowdfunding, you'll have to create an app on

    I hope that helps!

  • clcowell

    Sorry for the delay but I was expecting to be notified. :slight_smile: In any case, the Beta has been a nightmare especially when trying to demo to clients. Right now I am simple asking them to trust me that the live version will not screw things up.

    As for the sandbox, I got things setup to the point where I can make a test donation but the pledge is not processed. This fails for the simple donation and the advanced crowdfunding mode.

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