Fundraising - Rounding Totals & Reward Description

1. Rounding Totals
I have set up a test Fundraising campaign that uses small donations ($0.10, $0.25, etc.). The progress bar and totals don't seem to work correctly. After several attempts, it appears that the plugin uses rounding for amounts less than $1.00.

From a quick look at the code, it appears this is the case. Could you please confirm this? I'll paste the code below found in fundraiser.php

function get_amount_raised($post_id = false) {
		global $post;
		$post_id = ($post_id != false ? $post_id : $post->ID);
		$donations = $this->get_pledge_list($post_id);
		$totals = 0;
		if($donations) {
			foreach($donations as $donation) {
				$trans = maybe_unserialize(get_post_meta($donation->ID,'wdf_transaction',true));
				if($trans['gross'] && is_numeric($trans['gross'])) {
					$totals = $totals + $trans['gross'];
		return apply_filters('wdf_get_amount_raised', round($totals));

2. Reward Description
When making a donation, the Reward description is not displayed in Paypal. I see it is correctly recorded in the Pledges with the Reward #, but I think Backers would like to see something on their Paypal receipt that states the Reward they've purchased.

Is there a way to add this?