Fundraising: Shortcodes: Attributes? Text-widgets?

I am wondering if there are any attributes that can be assigned to this the shortcode(s)

[fundraiser id=""][donate_button paypal_email="" button_type="default"]

Are there attributes I can assign to determine, for example, the style of the donation box (dark, etc.), or the presence or absence of the description? (it would be nice to omit that since its words can clash with the inline text of the surrounding post/page.)


I've noticed that the shortcode doesn't render into a text widget (theme = "Social"). Should I anticipate support for this soon? Sidebar-sized and widget-rendering donations boxes are important because they allow donations without going off to a separate page.

(also you should note that in the admin panel, the shortcode is listed as "funraiser" yes. "funraiser". And as "fun" as that word sounds, it doesn't help people who are trying to use it.)