Fundraising Update Breaks Fundraiser Pages

Well, I saw the following note in the latest Fundraising update changelog:

Improved FE styling (please check compatibility with active theme)

So...I asked in the Live Support Chat here about what styles or files may have been changed. The tech could not answer that, but suggested I could run the update and add the previous css file back if I encountered problems.

And now, I have encountered problems. All our fundraiser pages are broken now! We currently have no way of collecting pledges. The Fundraiser content is cut off directly below the progress bar, as shown in the attached screenshot.

See for yourself at

The tech in the chat also recommended not rolling back the plugin if I encountered issues, so I am frantically troubleshooting this to try and fix it. I have already tried replacing the wdf-basic stylesheet as suggested but that did not work, I have tried using other styles for the fundraiser, with no difference.

What files changed? What styles changed? How exactly can I "check compatibility" now that the plugin is activated and clearly not working?

Support Access has been granted. What other info do you need from me? I must get these working again ASAP. Thank you!