Funny behavior between the membership of my main site and the subdomain site

I set up a multi-site network and installed the membership plugin. Then I created a subdomain site. Within that site I used the membership plugin to create a membership just for that site.

However, it isn't behaving as expected. For one, the logged in user can switch between being on the subdomain site to being on the main site. Also, when I enable the membership plugin on the subdomain site it seems to also enable it on the main site, even though on the main site I disabled it.

Is there any relationship between the membership plugin on a subdomain with the main site?

I am also trying to protect certain content but it seems there is something going on between the two sites.


  • DavidM

    Hi Dustin,

    There's a constant available in membershipincludes/includes/membership-config.php that lets you specify for Membership to use a global database table rather than per-site database tables.

    It actually sounds like that might be set, given your description. Have you by any chance made any changes in that file?

    If not, how is it that you're enabling Membership on the sub-domain site? Are you activating it from the Plugins section on that site?

    As for users being able to log into the main site, that actually is the default behavior of WordPress Multisite itself. Users are automatically made users of the main site, I believe with the Subscriber role.

    Is that perhaps what you're seeing?


  • dustin

    I haven't made any changes to the database tables or settings.

    I enabled the membership on a subdomain through the plugin section of that site. I used the blog templates plugin to copy the main site to be replicated on the subdomain site. But then in the subdomain site I had to set up all of the membership options from scratch again.

    I turned off the membership plugin for the main site. (disabled). But for some reason it is still displaying the registration form and I can register when I navigate from the subdomain site to the main site. However, I don't receive any email confirmation of a new member.

    Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

    I have a potential client. They want to provide video training content to their target audiences. They will probably need to create several sites with training content, one site for each target group. And there may be interaction between the different groups. Some members of one group may want access to content on another training site.

    I want many clients like this.

    I was thinking I could add clients like these to my main site, so that instead of creating a separate new multi-site set up for each client, I would just add them to my main site.

    However, perhaps the better approach is to create a new domain and multi-site set up for each client. If I did this, could I use the domain mapping and multi-domains plugins to integrate the different client sites into the main site? I think there may be some types of users that would want to get access to the client's sites.

    Or should I use the WP-MultiNetwork plugin and put everything all on my main site?

    How does Edublogs do it? I noticed they have 3 levels of service. The scenario I mention above probably falls into the campus blog service. But I might also have a "Pro Blog" service which would not require me to set up a new domain and site just for that client, but rather the customer would become part of the main network, like Edublogs.

    I know I have a lot of questions here, sorry to jump around so much. There are a lot of questions I am trying to get answers to....

  • Mason


    Based on what you're trying to do, I'd think you're gonna want to have a combination of our new Pro Sites (for allowing folks to signup and pay you for their own Membership site) and Membership to provide that membership site.

    One site per client should be sufficient. They can use categories or even custom post types to separate out their content through different access levels and subscriptions.

    I would say it's not advisable to have your main site also be a 'template' for New blog Templates. That plugin is really meant to use a sub-site on your install that is only a template - nothing else.

    So, I'd network activate pro sites. Create a template site and activate membership on that sub-site. Then use New Blog Templates to have that sub-site be the template for all other sites. That should provide you with what you're looking for.

    Other considerations would be perhaps giving each client their own area on the main site where they can advertise their services. You could then make each site completely private (as an extra layer of security) through our additional privacy plugin (just an idea).

    It's all definitely doable, but you'll want to give yourself plenty of time to get everything configured correctly. For instance, your clients (site owners) should only have basic, subscriber privileges on the main site. That'll keep them from having access to any other areas of the site's settings or membership settings.

    Hope that helps!

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