Further information about widget dashboard order on multisite install

I am trying to setup the widgets order for a wp multisite network so that all the blogs have the same widget order.

I am trying to have the following configuration:

The first widget should be the welcome to wordpress one that i’ve edited and changes files permission to 444.

Than on the left i would like to have the right now widget ( the one that shows account, website and storage info)

Under i want the analytics widget that comes with your analytics plugin.

On the right i would like to have the following:

At glance ( the one that shows number of comments and pages)for this widget i am wondering how can i change the WordPress 3.9 running template text.

Than the activity widget the one that shows your latest activity.

How should i order them so that i have the configuration i stated above. Thank you in advance. If you dont have time to do the testing just tell me what the varibles mean:

we have for example


This is the actual widget order form the widget order php file

$dashboard_widgets_order['normal']['core'][] = 'dashboard_right_now';
$dashboard_widgets_order['normal']['core'][] = 'dashboard_activity';
$dashboard_widgets_order['normal']['default'][] = 'dashboard_incoming_links';

$dashboard_widgets_order['side']['core'][] = 'dashboard_quick_press';
$dashboard_widgets_order['side']['default'][] = 'dashboard_primary';

$dashboard_widgets_order['column3']['high'][] = 'dashboard_secondary';

$dashboard_widgets_order['column4']['high'][] = 'dashboard_plugins';

Thanks in advance.