FYI I've just refunded and banned the user 'be', not gonna

FYI I’ve just refunded and banned the user ‘be’, not gonna put up with anybody here being such a massive pain in the arse despite the fact that all of our staff have gone 110% out of their way consistently to be massively helpful.

At the end this isn’t a public forum where you have a right to upset, complain, whinge and generally make a nuisance of yourself – it’s a private company, and as CEO I’m responsible for the happiness and job satisfaction of people who work with us (and other members).

It’s come after multiple warnings and much consideration and as such I’m not gonna debate it with anyone.

If you aren’t comfortable with me doing something like this (and I’ll do it in future a *lot* quicker if anyone upsets other members or staff here) then you don’t have to hang around.

Hopefully though by doing this, even if you don’t particularly like what I’m doing, I’m making this a nicer place.

Cheers, James