+1's Add Your +1; Somthing like a Member Forum For WPMU Dev; Add your +1's

Trying to stalk/keep track of the more experienced/helpful WPMU Dev Members.


Just a thumbs up rating that would place like the top 10 – 1,000 – 100,000 In Order, then maybe subcategory the projects that they have received the thumbs up on.

This would let other members find those threads & projects easily.

This could also help with a lot of the third party plugins/themes that get used commonly in the community.

We could use the “Thumbs Votes” that James referred too before he flew the 6,000+ miles for his lil’ sisters wedding.

It was a really long thread about Life Time Membership or the Point System here on WPMU Dev.

Is this something that would be doable if enough members want it? Or maybe a links/tags/category type thing? Something already in the works?

Just Pondering, :slight_smile:

Thank You!