Gallery shortcode in Marketpress listing is deactivating the dropdown options

I'm working on the shopping cart at and I've run into an issue. (it's got an under construction page unless you log in, so if someone would like a login i can email it to ya)

There are listings that have custom color combo options, and for those I've used the gallery plugin so there's a couple of pics of all the colors available, which they type into the personalization field at checkout.

A couple of those store listings let you also choose between a twisted or straight stitch crochet pattern, and for THAT there's dropdown options so you can buy either straight or twisted stitch, and then at checkout you specify which of the billion available colors you want.

The problem I'm running into - when I put the gallery shortcode into the text of the product description, it shows up fine, but the dropdown options totally disappear. When I remove the shortcode, the dropdown comes back.

How do I fix this? Is there a better gallery that plays nice with Marketpress dropdowns? Can we please get multiple images supported in a future release of Marketpress? Pretty please?

Thanks for your help!