Gallery theme

I'm using the gallery theme but am a little confused and I'm unable to find any manual, video or forum reference that answers my question.

What is the difference between a gallery page and exhibition and how do they differ from the portfolio. On the demo site there are photos below the slider that appear to be a gallery. I can't figure out what feature adds the photos there. Are they linked to pages or posts? Or drawn from a gallery and where do I set it up?

  • DavidM

    Hello ltruex,

    As I understand it a gallery page would be any page you specify using the "gallery" page template when creating or editing a page, whereas an exhibition would be a custom post type specifically designed for use as a gallery yet is accessible by various other means via theme options. Though, I'll run this one by the theme developer for clarity and insight on your other questions.


  • Tammie

    Gallery has 2 methods of showing galleries all using the built in WordPress gallery system.

    1. By creating an exhibition and linking Galleries to it
    2. By creating a page and linking the Gallery template to it

    Exhibitions use something called custom post types.

    To add things like slides to the slideshow you do that under the admin options where there is a manual and step by step guide so a little puzzled why you aren't seeing those.

    Go to the tab that appears once you activate the theme for Gallery (should be on the left as a menu item and red). Under that you can access all options and manuals / step by step guides. I recommend you follow the installation step by step guide steps.

  • ltruex

    I have the slider working, but on the demo site below the slider is four areas that have photos. It is unclear to me where those photos are pulled from. Are they from posts or pages? Are they galleries? Right now I have a slider with photos, text under that (as opposed to the four photos in the demo) and 4 widgets below that. So I guess my question is now, how do I get photos UNDER the slider like in the demo: