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I am using the gallery theme on a sub blog. Having set up two exhibitions I cannot find them and end up getting a "Sorry, we can't find the content you are looking for at this URL."

Not sure if I should be setting something else up before creating a gallery. One thing which looks odd is the code which gets inserted into the post. One merely says

[gallery orderby="title"] the other

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"]

Is this enough?

If I didn't change a setting then it looks to me as if they would both have the same code which can't be right?

  • hucknallite

    I created a gallery in the 'pages' section then added four widgets to the bottom of the homepage. Tried again with the exhibitions and this time round they have worked. Not sure why a problem before.

    I agree with this post though. When re adding or creating a gallery it seems it is only possible to do so by uploading from computer. When adding gallery from media library you have to do it one image at a time and then it doesn't create a gallery but just posts the images with a load of formatting problems.

    You therefore end up with the same images uploaded more than once.

  • hucknallite

    Have disabled all plug-ins and it has no affect on behaviour when creating an exhibition.

    If uploading from the computer, the images are cropped to a 150x150 size and then arranged into rows of five, regardless of how many you set in the media library.

    If you upload from the media library, then you have to upload one image at a time. Instead of the code [gallery link="file" columns="4"] (and you get five columns anyway) the code is set out using anchor html for each image.

    So for example,
    <img src="" alt="" title="image" width="223" height="300" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-369" />

    for however many images there are. So they don't create a gallery as such, they don't get cropped but just drop themselves on the page and require formatting.

    If I create a gallery on a page, then the number of columns for the gallery does work. The loading from media library is still an issue however. If I want to use images from the media library it is easiest to delete them from the library and upload from computer again. If I have the same image in more than one gallery however I would have to have duplicate images in the library.

    So - can only create a exhibition from computer images and it always has five columns. Galleries on a page work fine except the images have to come from the computer.

  • Tammie

    Exhibition template is set to a number of columns. If by making a page you have to upload via the computer this is a limit of the built in gallery system in wordpress.

    You see why I asked was that with Gallery we have 2 different methods of adding galleries that whilst both use the built in system for WordPress one uses custom post types then other does not.

    1. Pages
    2. Exhibitions (the custom post type) - set template and columns

    I did further testing on this potential limitation of the gallery mechanism in WordPress and found the same behaviour using Twenty-Ten (this is like the baseline for WordPress). I can therefore confirm it's the default behaviour of the gallery and as a result something we're stuck with.

    I would however before signing and sealing like a confirmation on what you find with Twenty-Ten. Columns will be different as already stated that but I'm interested in the uploading findings you get with Twenty-Ten.

    I think there is a strong argument for having it take from existing images however unless the gallery does it rather than the theme being modified (if it even can) the best approach would be to get a feature request ticket going on with WordPress. You could do that under the trac system.

  • hucknallite

    Uploading is the same with twenty ten as with gallery. You can choose the number of columns although the maximum is four - restricted by page width.

    Does the exhibition feature in the gallery theme always give five columns?

    Though not in itself serious it is the main problem as when you set the gallery columns in the library you expect to get the number you select rather than five always.

    Thanks for your help, at least I know how it works now and can work around accordingly.

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