gateway emulator and membership 2 pro

Can a gateway emulator work with membership pro 2? This allows a site to run NMI on a site that supports aim or sim. Please read more below:

Gateway Emulator
Third Party Shopping Carts
We have designed our gateway to be able to handle transaction submissions and responses in the Authorize.Net format. We call this our Gateway Emulator.

To use the Gateway Emulator, your shopping cart or application must support the Authorize.Net AIM or SIM method of integration. If the application supports the AIM or SIM method, you simply need to change the transaction POST URL to our Gateway Emulator URL.

The Gateway does not support the emulation of XML AIM, CIM, ARB, DPM, Card Present or Transaction Details APIs.

Our Gateway Emulator URL is:

You will need to change any production and test Authorize.Net URLs to one of the above URLs. The following URLs should be replaced:
Some applications will not contain the test URL. In that case, you will only be changing one URL. Once you have updated the URLs to point to us, the application will submit transactions without needing changes to the code base.

You will then need to configure the Authorize.Net AIM or SIM payment module with the following credentials:

API ID or Login ID is your gateway username.
Transaction Key is your gateway password.
The MD5 Hash is the word "gateway" without the marks.
For testing, you can use the username and password of "demo" and "password".

Authorize.Net Modern XML Emulator - Beta
Please note that this API emulator is currently in beta. It is expected to work for most users, but please feel free to report any issues to

If your application is using Authorize.Net's current XML API, then you can connect using our newest emulator. Like the above-mentioned emulators, this will accept requests in the same XML format that Auth.Net would accept, so it's just a matter of changing your POST URL to the one below and using your gateway credentials for authentication. This emulator also emulates the response so that should look the same to your software.

Our Modern XML Emulator URL is:
For authentication, this API looks for "name" and "transactionKey".

"name" can be anything, as it is not used for authentication.
"transactionKey" is your API Security Key.