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Hi there Guys

We love you all by the way relatively new member like 2 months or so.

We are rolling out a Big Cartel / Etsy type of system in south africa using Market Press ( its amazing )

One issue we have is that Paypal is limited to one bank here and has extortionate rates for payments locally. ( like 8% - 10% with all surcharges included )

In the past we have utilized WP E-Commerce and a few other random systems with a gateway locally called PayFAST wondering what it would take for us to either build our own gateway extension for market press or alternately to get one built. There is extensive documentation on the following page
" "
Would the WPMU dev team be willing to look at adding support for this gateway ?

thanks again


  • Mason

    HIya Leigh,

    First off, welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

    All of our plugin development here is based on user requests. I'm gonna attach this post to the feature suggestion forum so that others can take a look.

    Any other members looking for this specific gateway? If we get a ton of interest in this we'll make it a priority. In the meantime though, any developer familiar with building gateways should be able to use the documentation you've linked to along with the inline commenting in our marketpress gateways to build a gateway for payfast.

    Additionally, you can always post up a job request here:


  • sixthcore

    While I have extensive development experience using WP / Expression Engine & Magento i have always managed to get payment gateway plugins so I am a little out of my depth with developing form scratch. I doubt there will be a lot of support for this gateway but lets see.

    What sort of cost should we expect to get a developer to to build this all for us?

    Is there any documentation about implementing additional payment gateways?

    My thinking would be to possibly pay for this to be implemented and then open it up to the community.

  • Jonathan


    The best way to implement a gateway is to view current gateways, most follow the same recipe as Paypal, so that is usually a great place to start.

    But, you mentioned you used Payfast with WP E-Commerce? So you already have the code... you just got to customize it to marketpress. Have a look at all the marketpress gateways, and you'll find the functions that do this/that. And look at the wp-e-commerce gateway (Payfast) integrate it into marketpress :wink:

    Well, that's what i would do...

    Question: Does payfast now accept international orders, if I recall, and this was a long time ago, it only did bank transfers, Standard bank, fnb, nedbank, absa and dealt exclusively in south africa.
    I found Alertpay offered more flexability, and 2checkout (able to accept paypal) was king. Just asking your view on payfast? Being that you've used them :slight_smile:


  • sixthcore


    We have been using them for about a year on 6 or 7 projects.

    They have a fully fledged Credit Card Gateway as well as there instant EFT service, and will accept international credit card payments.

    What we have found is that with the perception fo the internet being "unsafe" in south africa, the boost in sales for some of our clients by implementing the instantEFT option was drastic, when we asked for feedback from shoppers who used the sites one of there comments was that they liked the control of making the payment them selves.

    While i believe this perception will dwindle in SA over the next couple of years as more and more services are offered online, as it stands the stigma has pushed us towards payFAST.

    There service has been quite exceptional, but we may launch this new venture on 2Checkout or other gateway, and then look at adding payFAST as an option later.

    Thanks for the response, are you based in SA>?


  • Jonathan

    Yip, based in SA.

    Our options have increased over the last year or so, so I agree, the next couple of years are going to offer more services online.

    Yeah, I'm leaning towards 2checkout (My focus is more international, than local) for my current project - (the membership plugin, not marketpress) ... paypal, ain't worth it in SA (my opinion). Well, not yet, anyways. Too much admin, and restrictions and too many fingers in the pie (like you said - 8% - 10% with all surcharges included ).

    Anyways, If you've got a working gateway plugin for wp-e-commerce, it shouldn't be too hard adding payfast to your marketpress install.

    And thanks for explaining payfast :wink:

    Best of luck,

  • Jonathan

    I have a 2checkout account, but haven't used it anywhere near what you're planning to use it for, but to answer your question. Yes, it can handle both options.
    Plug and Play
    2Checkout's Plug and Play parameters are intended for use with products created (through the vendor administration area) and stored in there database.
    Third Party
    Third party parameters allow for more complex interaction with the 2Checkout purchase routine, including on the fly product generation (no need to create them beforehand), and simple integration with third party software. <--this is what you're after

    They have a great developers site: :wink:

    To see a South African using it - have a look at (they use 2checkout gateway with amember software). I remember reading a post by adii raving about 2 checkout - which is what got me to check them out (can't remember where I read the article).

    Sidenote: Payfast has come a long way since I looked at them. But they don't offer recurring billing so I'll stick with 2checkout, alertpay, moneybookers for now :slight_smile:

    Hope that helps, and best of luck,

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